Rocket League Trading tournaments are always an exciting

Rocket League Trading tournaments are always an exciting

Posted June 6,2020 in Gaming.

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Rocket League Trading tournaments are always an exciting

Rocket League esports in early 2019 has been colored by massive roster moves in the RLCS off-season.Last month's WSOE: Rocket League Showdown saw newly-shuffled squads compete in a LAN setting for the first time, where Dignitas crashed out of the bracket in the first round of the playoffs. However, Dignitas players ViolentPanda, Yukeo, and Turbopolsa decided they wouldn't let down their fans again.

Dignitas went undefeated all weekend long in Leipzig and defeated Renault Vitality in the finals, four games to two. The team earned themselves a tidy $50,000 for their efforts, and, perhaps more importantly, crushed any doubts that Rocket League esports fans might have about Dignitas' dominance.

Kaydop's departure from Dignitas left many wondering if the squad could recover from losing such a talented player. Not only did Dignitas recover, they defeated Kaydop's new squad Renault Vitality in the grand finals, making the moment even sweeter. Dignitas newcomer Yukeo had a monstrous impact on the team's success, undoubtedly earning his position on the team in the minds of fans.

Dignitas' victory came at the cost of ending a Cinderella tournament run by unsigned Rocket League squad Savage! in the semifinals. Players Bluey, Deevo, and Alpha54 defied expectations by beating Flipsid3 Tactics and Cloud9 in LOLGA the group stage, and G2 Esports in the quarterfinals before losing to Dignitas in a semifinals Game 7. Savage! shared 3rd-4th place with NRG and earned $10,000 of prize money.

Rocket League Trading tournaments are always an exciting mix of new and old teams performing incredibly, meaning even tournaments won by Rocket League giant Dignitas can't be called predictable. DreamHack Leipzig was a wildly entertaining tournament that has Rocket League esports fans looking forward to the next competition. The next DreamHack Pro Circuit event is DreamHack Dallas in late May 2019.